Bike To Work Scheme

What is the Bike to Work Scheme?

It is a government tax incentive aimed at encouraging employees to cycle to work and to help create a fitter and healthier work force. The scheme has been running since January 09 and is extremely successful, it allows employees to benefit from bikes and safety equipment completely tax free.


Huge savings on bikes and accessories - Employees will qualify for savings up to 52% off the retail cost of bikes and accessories. Huge selection of brands - Moynans can offer you a huge choice of different brands through our network of importers, these include mountain bikes, hybrids, and road bikes.

Employee savings example

  A B C D
Spend €250 €500 €750 €1000
Save €127 €255 €367 €520

Our special offer - spend €1000 + we will throw in €50 worth of equipment!


1. Talk to your company /HR department and check that they have agreed to operate the scheme, all employees can then apply.

2. Visit our shop at 4 Cecil Walk Nenagh, chose your equipment and obtain your written quotation. Submit the quotation to your accounts dept and they will organise the transaction from there. Sounds simple and it is simple

MOYNANS are a registered supplier with the government scheme since its launch in January 09,

If you have further questions or would like to speak to someone about the scheme please contact us at (067) 31293 or visit us at 4 Cecil Walk, Nenagh,  Co.Tipperary (at the Kenyon Street Car Park).

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